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birth by sleep aquas sticker albumSticker Albums

Throughout each of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's stories, you have the opprotunity to collect Crown Stickers for your album.
No doubt you have come across a odd birth by sleep crown sticker floating above the ground somewhere. These are the stickers for your album. Some of these you can easily get, while others take special abilities, or other means to gain them. If you find a sticker that you cannot yet get to, come back later, when you have aquired new abilities such as High Jump or Glide. This will make them easy t get to.
Each of the worlds you travel to have one, two, or in some cases three stickers to collect. Getting these is not important to the story or the missions, just a nice distraction from the main game.
birth by sleep aquas sticker albumOnce you get a new sticker, open your Reports in the Main Menu. Here you will find the Sticker Album section. This is then divided into three different sections.
The first is "Arrange Stickers". Here is where you can place your stickers onto your album. Each sticker you place will give you a minimum of 5 points per sticker, but 7 points can be achieved if the sticker is placed within the "correct" region.
The second section is called "Sticker Collection". This section shows you how many different stickers are found in each world, as well as whether or not you have abtained them already.
The third and final section, called "Information", allows you to see how many points you have, what prizes you have gotten/will get, as well as allowing you to view the current picture you have made with your stickers.
Though there is no "Ultimate Weapon or Prize" for collecting all the stickers, the rewards are worth the effort. It is also a nice little distraction from the storyline allowing for a break in the constant fighting. Below is each characters sticker locations, as well as their prize listing.

Terra Ventus Aqua
Pulsing Crystal Wellspring Crystal Ignite
Fireworks Hungry Crystal Shimmering Crystal
Limit Storm Fireworks Stop Barrier
Sonic Blade Collision Magnet Deep Freeze
Secret Gem Salvation Secret Gem

Sticker Locations Notes
Enchanted Dominion
Balloon Sticker Forest Clearing Near treasure chest.
Huey sticker Audience Chamber In the center of the room. High Jump is required.
Flying Balloon Sticker Tower Room Near window.
Dewey Sticker Audience Chamber In southwest corner near door.
Confetti Sticker Hall Navigate through the labyrinth.
Horace Sticker Dungeon High Jump and Double Jump required.
Flower Sticker Forest Clearing Across from Save Point.
Castle of Dreams
Traffic Cone Sticker The Chateau Near treasure chest.
Flying Balloon Sticker Passage In the center of the room. High Jump required.
Louie Sticker Mousehole High jump required.
Fireworks Sticker Cinderella's Room On vanity in north of the room, use ball of yarn to reach.
Fireworks Sticker Foyer In middle area of the stairs on second floor.
Bubble Sticker Palace Courtyard Near Save Point. High Jump required.
Dwarf Woodlands
Louie Sticker Underground Waterway High Jump required.
Balloon Sticker Flower Glade Return to the Flower Glade after clearing Dwarf Woodlands.
Balloon Sticker Mine Entrance Near stairs.
Ice Cream Sticker Cottage Clearing In center of the area. High Jump is required.
Picnic Basket Sticker Courtyard On left side of area from entrance.
Bubble Sticker Vault High Jump and Double Jump required.
Mysterious Tower
Balloon Sticker Sorcerer's Chamber Swing keyblade at highest point while jumping to obtain, or use High Jump.
Ice Cream Sticker Entrance Between two groups of trees on right side.
Donald Sticker Tower Entrance Near entrance
Radiant Garden
Flying Balloon Sticker Central Square In northern area in doorway.
Dale Sticker Fountain Court High Jump required.
Airplane Sticker Outer Gardens High Jump required.
Ice Cream Sticker Gardens Atop the dead-end staircase at the second floor's north end.
Fireworks Sticker Front Doors Near the doors on the left side. High Jump required.
Huey Sticker Fountain Court High Jump and Glide/Super Glide required.
Juice Sticker Front Doors Across from Save Point.
Donut Sticker Aqueduct High Jump off ledge.
Flower Sticker Castle Town Near Save Point.
Disney Town
Traffic Cone Sticker Raceway On second floor near stairs.
Pete Sticker Gizmo Gallery Air Slide required.
Chip Sticker Raceway Glide required. Or use a pair of dash skills (Sliding Dash or Fire Dash).
Mickey Sticker Gizmo Gallery Glide/Super Glide required.
Minnie Sticker Pete's Rec Room In alcove against the right wall, use Pete's Pinball Machine to reach.
Minnie Sticker Main Plaza High Jump and Double Jump required.
Daisy Sticker Raceway High Jump and Double Jump required.
Olympus Coliseum
Balloon Sticker Coliseum Gates Behind column on right side.
Confetti Sticker Coliseum Gates Near door on left side. High Jump required.
Fireworks Sticker Coliseum Gates On right side near entrance.
Deep Space
Flying Balloon Sticker Turo Prison Block High Jump and Air Slide required.
UFO Sticker Ship Corridor Return after clearing Deep Space.
UFO Sticker Ship Hub In center of room.
Ice Cream Sticker Launch Deck Override the ship's gravity.
UFO Sticker Ship Corridor Return after clearing Deep Space.
Dale Sticker Turo Prison Block In southernmost cell on east side. Air Slide and High Jump required.
UFO Sticker Ship Hub In center of room.
Rainbow Sticker Rainbow Falls: Base High Jump required.
Chip Sticker Skull Rock: Entrance Air Slide and High Jump required.
Dewey Sticker Peter's Hideout Return after clearing Never Land.
Rainbow Sticker Rainbow Falls:Base High Jump required.
Dale Sticker Mermaid Lagoon Glide/Super Glide in water on left side.
Balloon Sticker Jungle Clearing In center of area on the right side.
Fireworks Sticker Jungle Clearing Near entrance to Peter's hideout.
Rainbow Sticker Mermaid Lagoon In water in southeast end.
Chip Sticker Rainbow Falls: Ascent On cliff.
Keyblade Graveyard
Traffic Cone Sticker Twister Trench Beat the twisters to reach.
Ice Cream Sticker Seat of War In alcove alongside two treasure chests.
Ice Cream Sticker Twister Trench Beat the twisters to reach.
Flower Sticker Seat of War Next to treasure chest holding map.
Bubble Sticker Fissure Floating in center in front of long exit way.

birth by sleep ice cream beatIce Cream Beat

This interesting little mini-game can be played throughout each characters story. It is, however, required that you beat Ice Cream Beat, in order to pass Disney Town in Ventus's storyline.
In Ice Cream Beat you will sit on a ice cream cannon, and fire ice cream at Huey, Dewey, and Louie. It requires not only good hand/eye coordination, but also a sense of rhythm. If you do not have a great sense of rhythm, this game can get very frustrating.
The objective is to mimic the beats performed by the nephews. They will first clap a beat to a selected song. You must then try to mimic the beat, hitting the . You must also aim with the controller/Analog stick, at the right nephew at the same time.
The best time to hit the is right as the rings going into the center of the circle light up green. This should at least give you a good, and give the targeted duck another scoop of ice cream. They will lose a scoop, each time you miss. You get points for accuratly matching the beat, your highest combo, as wellas the height of the cones at the end of the game.
In each of the different songs, you are given a chance to rack up some major points. when it says "PAY ATTENTION" get ready to mash the daylights out of the button. This is a great way to gain a substantial bonus for you.
High scores will unlock different songs, while near-perfect scores will net you some prizes. These prizes consist of mainly items and crystals, the "Frozen Fortune Command Style" can be obtained by getting a Fantastic score in Dessert Paradise. Below is the songs and the prizes you can obtain from them.

Song Title Master Mode After Clearing Master Mode
It's A Small World Elixir Ether
Blast Away!-Gummi Ship II- Blizzara Ether
Dessert Paradise Frozen Fortune Hi-Potion
Destiny Islands Chaos Crystal Hi-Potion
Hand In Hand* Blizzaga Mega Potion

*NOTE*: Hand in Hand also has a prize for its beginner mode in the form of Freeze Raid.


birth by sleep fruitballFruitball is another mini-game found in Disney Town. It is completely optional for Terra and Ventus, but Aqua must win the round to pass Disney Town. This is a very simple game, much like tennis, where you are trying to knock the fruits coming at you back into the opponents goal. You can jump in this game, the same as you would in battle, using the Keyblade as your racket with the , and even get a little spinning action with the .
When the opponents goal is on the ground, you should concentrate on spiking the fruit a lot. This is done when the appears. However, when the goal is floating in the air, your main concern should roll into defense, rather than offense. You can still score goals while it is in the air, by moving the analog stick in the direction of the goal when swinging.

Each of the different fruits behave differently. Grapes and Banana bunches will eventually break on the field. Each of the individual grapes can score points, while bananas create peels that stun the player when they step on them. Rotating the analog stick will speed up the stun time. It is best to try to spike these into the opponents side. Larger fruits are slow moving, and can be knocked over easily. That said, they can become something of a barrier that bounces hit fruit back at you. Try to get them out of the way quickly.
There is a total of four rounds you can participate in. Each round gets a bit more difficult, and the prizes are ranged from Balloon Letters to the Chaos Snake Shotlock. Below is the opponents you will face, as well as the prizes you get for beating them.

Round Opponent Prize
0 Shoegazers Balloon Letter
1 Bruisers Balloon Letter
2 Chip and Dale Magnera
3 Captain Dark/Captain Justice Chaos Snake Shotlock