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Action Abilities    Support Abilities    Growth Abilities   

Action Abilities

Name AP Description
Aerial Finish 3 Powerful finishing move for aerial combos.
Aerial Impluse - Midair attack with .
Aerial Spiral 2 Air-Dash to flying targets and attack with spinning swipes.
Aerial Sweep 2 Leaping attack towards airborne targets
Auto Assault - Second Keyblade attacks on its own.
Auto Final 1 Set Final Form to Reaction Command if HP is at 25% or less.
Auto Master 1 Set Master Form to Reaction Command if HP is at 25% or less.
Auto-Valor 1 Set Valor Form to Reaction Command if HP is at 25% or less.
Auto Wisdom 1 Set Wisdom Form to Reaction Command if HP is 25% or less.
Blazing Fury 1 Use fire magic while dashing at the enemy.
Bolts of Sorrow 2 Use Thunder Magic.
Bone Smash 2 Throw bombs at the enemies.
Brave Beat - Combo finishing move that attacks multiple enemies.
Brave Shot - Combo finishing move that knocks enemies back.
Combo Upper - Knock enemy into the air with
Counter Attack Guard 4 Counter attack near-by foes when using the Guard Ability.
Crime and Punishment - Increased magic power, Aerial Magic Casting.
Cure Potion 3 Restore Party's HP at 60% of Maximum.
Dark Aura 2 Stop enemy movements, initiated by Sora.
Dark Shield 2 Block enemy attacks, initiated by Sora.
Dash - Hold to run at high speed. (Lion Sora Only)
Disaster - Pull nearby enemies and pummel them wit a finishing combo.
Divider 2 Dash through the air and slice enemies.
Dodge Slash 2 Damage nearby enemies.
Donald Blizzard 2 Donald can use Blizzard, Blizzara, and Blizzaga Magic.
Donald Cure 3 Donald can use Cure, Cura, and Curaga.
Donald Fire 2 Donald can use Fire, Fira, and Firaga.
Donald Thunder 2 Donald can use Thunder, Thundara, and Thundaga.
Explosion 3 Powerful magic-based finishing combos that surrounds Sora.
Ferocious Rush 2 Dash in and repeatedly attack the enemy.
Fierce Claw 2 Repeated attacks against a single enemy.
Final Arcana - Powerful finishing combo against a single target.
Final Arts - Powerful finishing combo that hits multiple enemies.
Final Strike - Powerful spinning air combo finishing move.
Finishing Blast - Combo finishing move that attacks surrounding enemies with .
Finishing Leap 5 Leaping attack at the end of a combo with .
Flametoungue 2 Dash through the air wrapped in fire.
Furious Shout 2 Knock down nearby enemies.
Goofy Bash 2 Goofy throws his shield at the enemy.
Goofy Tornado 2 Goofy draws in, stuns and attacks near by enemies.
Goofy Turbo 2 Goofy rides his shield and bounces enemies towards Sora.
Groundshaker 2 Attack surrounding enemies with a battle cry. (Simba only)
Guard 2 Guard and deflect enemy attacks.
Guard Break 3 Thrusting combo-Finish move that breaks enemy guards.
Healing Herb 3 Restore the party's HP at double power.
Healing Water 3 Restore's the party's health by 60% maximum.
Horizontal Slash 2 Left to right slash during an air-combo.
Icy Terror 2 Use homing blizzard magic against enemies.
Magic Haste - Magic casting time decreased.
Magic Spice - Magic combo finishing move is powered up.
Master Magic - Increased magic power
Master Strike - Repeated finishing move against a single enemy.
Mobile Action - Hover instead of running, you can attack while moving.
Mushu Fire 2 Mulan attacks nearby enemies with Mushuu on her shoulder.
No Mercy 2 Punishing sword attack.
Omega Finale - Combo finish move in the middle of another combo with
Over the Horizon - Leap at the target and attack with .
Pulsing Thunder 2 Attack nearby enemies with thunder magic.
Quickplay 2 Force enemies to drop orbs.
Rain Storm 2 Throw multiple knives at enemies.
Retaliating Slash 3 Regain balance and attack with when knocked into the air.
Retaliating Smash - Regain balance and attack with when knocked into the air.
Running Tackle - Attack while using Dash with
Scouting Disk 2 Tron throws homing discs on the enemy.
Slapshot 2 Series of rapid attacks.
Slash Frenzy 2 Stun enemies with repeated attacks.
Slide Dash 2 Dash in and attack far-away enemies.
Sonic End - Air combo finishing move that attacks multiple enemies.
Sonic Strike - Combo finishing moves that pierces an enemy upwards.
Upper Slash 4 Knock an enemy into the air during a combo with .
Wisdom Shot - Shoot magic bullets instead of swingning the Keyblade.

Support Abilities

Name AP Description
Aerial Recovery 2 Regain balance with when knocked into the air.
Air Combo Boost 3 Number of combo hits increases air combo finisher damage.
Air Combo Plus 1 Add 1 attack to the total of the aerial combo.
Auto-Change 5 Automatically replaces fallen party members.
Auto Healing 3 Restore 1 HP each second in reserve.
Auto Limit 1 Set character's limit attack as when it is available.
Bersek Charge 5 Disable finishing moves and strength +1 during MP charge.
Blizzard Boost 4 Blizzard magic damage increased x1.2.
Combination Boost 4 Limit gauge depletes at 80% normal speed.
Combo Boost 3 Number of combo hits increases ground combo finisher moves.
Combo Plus 1 Add 1 attack to the ground combos.
Damage Drive 3 Drive gauge is refilled as you take damage.
Defender 3 Defense +2 when HP is at 25% or less.
Draw 3 Draw in dropped orbs from further away.
Drive Boost 3 Drive gauge restoration iincreased x1.2 during MP Charge.
Endless Magic - Use repeatedly magic combos.
Experience Boost 3 Earned EXP when HP is 25% or less.
Finishing Plus 5 Double finishing moves after a combo.
Fire Boost 3 Fire damage is increased by x1.2.
Form Boost 5 Form gauge depletes at 80% normal speed.
Hyper Healing 3 Automatically revive a fallen party member and x2 restored HP.
Item Boost 2 Healing items effects increased x1.5 when used from the menu.
Jackpot 4 Increased orbs and money are dropped from mobs in battle.
Leaf Bracer 1 Cure magic is not interrupted when attacked.
Lucky Lucky 5 Increases item drop rate x 1.3.
Magic Lock-on 1 Automatically target enemies when using attack magic.
MP Haste 3 The MP Charge gauge refills x1.25 times faster.
MP Hastega - The MP Charge gauge refills two times faster.
MP Hastera - The MP Charge gauge refills x1.5 times faster.
MP Rage 3 MP is restored when damage is taken.
Negative Combo 2 Reduces ground and air combo attacks by 1.
Once More 4 1 HP remains if HP is depleted by combo attack.
Reaction Boost 2 The Damage dealt from Reaction Commands is incrased by x1.5.
Scan 2 See the target's current HP in battle.
Second Chance 4 1 HP remains if HP is depleted by powerful attack.
Summon Boost 5 Summon gauge depletes at 80% of the normal speed.
Synch Blade - USe two keyblades at once.
Thunder Boost 5 Thunder magic damage is increased x 1.2.

Growth Abilities

Name AP Description
Aerial Dodge 2 Jump again in midair with .
Glide 3 Press and hold in midair to glide down.
High Jump 2 Increased Jumping Height.
Quick Run 3 Press on the ground to dash quickly.