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Once you have entered your name, and your next of kin, (Love that) you will appear at a stump. There is some faint writing on it, that you cannot read just yet. Go north, then west. In this area is a note. Take the note, then read it. The note tells "The Princess dies at dawn!". This time limit changes, depending on which version of the game you're playing. Every forty or so moves, you'll hear a bell toll, sounding the time. When it reaches 5am I believe, she will die.
The entire area but the castle is home to a wandering werewolf. If he appears in the screen with you, your first command has to be to go to a new screen. (Leave) If you do anything else, he will kill you...game over man. I will say this right now...the werewolf is completely optional. You do not need to defeat it, in order to beat the game. But it will make later things much easier to do. But before we get to his optionalness, let's take care of the one who has to die...the vampire.
The vampire lives in the castle, where Sabrina is being held. There is one major way of killing a vampire, and that is a cross. And this game has (as I have seen with my own eyes) two different ways of obtaining it. The first is very commonly known. Go from the note North, North, to the gravestone. There should be a cross here. If the Werewolf has not appeared, pick it up.
transylvania pc screenshotThe second option is how we learned to do it back in school, only cause it was on the cover. (I do not recall if the cross was on the grave or not) From the note, go north once. Enter the set of houses, and you will come to a room with a mounted deer head. Type in "PULL HORNS". You will be put into a secret room, with a wizard's cloak on the floor. On the card with the original game, it tells you the wizard will appear if you sing "Some Enchanted Evening". So, type in "SING SOME ENCHANTED EVENING". The wizard appears and gives you the cross. These are the two known ways of getting the cross. And now that you have one, let's kill us a vampire shall we?
Pick up the wizard's cloak. Pull the horns again to return to the log cabin. Exit the cabin, then go north and east to the castle. Go north twice to enter it.
transylvania pc screenshotThe vampire, like the werewolf appears randomly in the castle. (The werewolf will not appear inside though) So wander around, until he does. When he appears, show him the cross. He will crumble to a pile of dust, and you are now free to roam. Head down the stairs 3 times, until you find a coffer. transylvania pc screenshotWith the vampire dead, you may now open the coffer. (It will not open until the vampire has been... ahem.... toasted.) Inside the coffer, there is a ring. Grab it, and head back out to the room where you can go east and West. in the East room, there is some flypaper. Grab this. If your inventory is full, wear the ring and cloak. Now exit the castle entirely for now.
Now that that matter is settled, almost everything else revolves around the great outdoors. This means a 50/50 chance of the werewolf finding you. So let's now get rid of him too. From the castle, head East, North, and East. Enter the house (Which the werewolf can enter too), and head up into the attic. transylvania pc creenshotHere you will find a pistol. Grab it, and head out to the front of the house again. Now go North, around the house, and into the cellar. Enter here, and you are completely in the dark. Feel the wall, and something will fall on the floor. Now feel the floor, and you will find a crow bar.
Before continuing, it should be mentioned that I have seen many different versions online that this crow bar is not needed for the next step. In our game back in the day, it certainly was. Different versions have different means of getting things I guess. Continuing on...
The coffin opens, revealing a corpse, ravenous mice, and a bullet. transylvania pc screenshotFirst, take the mice. If you do not grab the mice first and foremost, you will lose them forever. But not to worry. You do not need them in order to finish the game by any means.
Grab the bullet next, dropping the crow bar if you have to. Now load the gun. The next time you encounter the werewolf, SHOOT WEREWOLF.
transylvania pc screenshot
He will collapse into a decrepit old man, and die. I am certain he thanks you for ending his torment lol.
Now that you are done with the wolf, take a second to remember what you are holding. Flypaper, and ravenous mice. I have to wonder how it is you are not bitten by these mice and die from rabies or something. Well, let's figure out what to do with the mice. From the wagon, goe East 2 times and head South. You will find yourself in front of a hut. Head inside, and you will find a cat. No matter what you do in here, the cat stops you. Well, drop the mice. When you do, the cat goes after them, and allows you to look around unhindered. You will find a bottle of acid. Now think for a minute what you could do with this. Acid is corrosive right? Was there not something back a ways that could use some acid? Yup, the stump had some faint writing on it. So return to the tree stump and pour the acid on the stump. When you do, the stump will read "KNOCK HERE". Well, what are you waiting for. Knock on the stump, and you will land yourself in a secret cave.
Inside the cave, there is a book on the ground. Take the time to read the book. It explains how to use an elixir. You need to shake the elixir, pour it, then clap your hands. Once you have read the book, use the flypaper to catch the flies in the room. You will certainly need them later.Now turn your attention now to the door. You will find it is locked. Before you throw a hissy fit, check your cloak. You will find a lockpick. Now was it worth getting all upset over? Use the lockpick on the door, and it will unlock. Inside there is a crystal in the center of the cave. Examine it, and you will see a vision of a person wearing your cloak and ring, waving the ring in front of a statue. Well, there is your next major clue. Drop your lockpick, and head back out to the stump.
transylvania pc screenshotIf you are not wearing your cloak and ring, you should put them on now. Now go north, west twice and north to the statue. Wave the ring in front of the statue, and a bunch of fire and smoke erupts, and a alien is released from the statue. Yes you read right...an alien. He will come up to you, take the ring, and destroy it. He thanks you for freeing him and vanishes.
When this happens, you are free to leave. This is not the end of the alien though. Wander for a bit until you see the line:
transylvania pc screenshotWhen you see this, return to where the statue was. You will see a flying saucer. Enter the craft, and everything goes black. You then reappear in the field, and there is a ring of smake and fire. You were given a Black Box on the ship. This is a major piece you need. But you still have yet to get the Elixir huh? Well, let's get to that shall we.
You should have some flies now, because you got flypaper from the castle and used them on the flies in the cave. Go south three times to reach the frog. Feed the frog with the flies. As thanks, the frog says, "SAY INJID TO THE GOBLIN FOR ME". Injid...? Whatever. You are not given any details in what this means, or why he wants you to say it. Just roll with it. Best not to get involved in the details lol.
transylvania pc screenshotHead north three times, then east three times to reach the Goblin. Now is he not just a charming little thing. Almost like something that belongs in Labyrinth. Notice he is holding a key in his hand. SAY INJID, and the goblin drops his key and runs away. gather the key, go west three times, then north, and you will arrive at a graveyard. Does not seem like much is here, but humor me for a bit. Push the Tombstone, and wallah! A grate. Unlock the grate, and then enter the grate.
And you finally found the Elixir! Well done. Pick up the Elixir, drop the key, and head out. You are now finally ready to rescue said Princess. So let's go back to the castle now. Go east, south and east to the castle. Go north three times, then up twice. Here you will be in a room bathed in moonlight, wih a Sarcophagus covered in vines. MOVE VINES, to remove the vines from the sarcophagus. PRESS BUTTON on the black box, and the lid will erupt of the sarcophagus, and just be obliterated. In front of you now is the sleeping Princess Sabrna. Now it is time for your elixir.
transylvania pc screenshot
The Princess will stir and wake up. You have managed to get her up, but now you need to get her out of here. Take the Princess (Literally type TAKE PRINCESS), and get going. Head down twice, and south three times to exit the castle. From here, head west, then south three times to reach the lake where the frog is. Enter the boat, and then sail away. Congratulations! You have saved Sabrina and returned her to her home!