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Name Description
Power Ring Attack +2
Power Ring S Attack +5
Stamina Ring Defense + 2
StaminaRingS Defense + 5
Glasses Hit% +2
SuperGoogles Hit% +5
Step Shoes Evade% +2
PremierShoes Evade% +5
EtherStone Ether +2
EtherStoneLg Ether +5
AntiEthStone Ether Def +2
AntiEthRockL Ether Def +5
Speed Ring Agility +1
Speed Ring S Agility +2
Gallant Belt Max HP +10%
Yamato Belt Max HP +10%
Economether Halves Ep use in Battle
WizardryRing Deathblow learning rate up
Hercules Ring Doubles exp gained in battles
Trader Card Rare item gain rate increased
Holy Pendant Support spells last twice as long
Life Stone 2x amount of Hp restored
Power Crisis As Hp goes down, Attack Goes up
Guardian Ring Increases Defense
Evasion Ring Increases Evade%
LongDarkCoat Attack +10 Ether Def +10
Battle Apron Attack +5 Defence +5
Body Guard Blocks Physical effects
Mind Guard Blocks Mental Effects
Poison Guard Blocks Poison Effect
Sleep Guard Blocks Sleep Effect
Cool Shades Blocks Confusion Effect
Brain Guard Blocks Forget effect
Speed Shoes 1/2 time between turns
Muscle Belt Increases Defense
EtherDoubler Use 2x Ep to create 2x effect
EtherGuard Blocks EP absorb Attacks
Wind Ring Defense vs. Wind
Earth Ring Defense vs. Earth
Fire Ring Defense vs. Fire
Water Ring Defense vs Water
Ether Veiler Doubles Elemental defense
Ether Maxer Elemental Def. blocks Eth. Weapons