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 Xenogears Kingdom
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Name Description
AlphasolRestores all HP
AquasolRestores 50 HP
Aquasol S Restores 150 HP
Aquasol DX Restores 500 HP
BizfruitRestores 10 EP [Non-battle Only]
Blue Star Water UP/Fire DOWN
Brown Star Earth UP/Wind DOWN
Comedienne Cancels Play Dead
ElementAero Add Wind element to attacks
ElementHydroAdd Water element to attacks
ElementPyro Add Fire element to attacks
ElementTerraAdd Earth element to attacks
EP DriveIncreases maximum EP +5
ETH Drive Increases Ethervalue +1
ETHDEF DriveIncreases ETHDEF value +1
Hard Star Increases Defense
Hob-Jerky Restores 50 HP [Non-battle Only]
Hob-MeatRestores 150 HP [Non-battle Only]
Hob Steak Restores 500 HP [Non-battle Only]
HP DriveIncreases maximum HP +20
Panalphasol Restores party's HP to full
PhysimentsolRemoves all status effects
RosesolRestores 10 EP
Rosesol S Restores 20 EP
Rosesol DX Restores 30 EP
MentsolRemoves MNT status effects
OmegasolRestores HP/EP to full
PhysisolRemoves PHY status effects
Red StarFire UP/Water DOWN
SigmasolRestores all EP
Speed Star Increases Speed
STR Drive Increases Attack value +1
SurvivalTentRestores HP/EP to full for all allies
VIT Drive Increases Defense value +1
White Star Wind UP/Earth DOWN
ZetasolRevives ally from KO

Non-Battle Items

Name Description
Omegasol Restore all HP/EP
SurvivalTent Restore all HP/EP in Memory Cube or World Map
STR Drive Att +1
VIT Drive Def +1
ETH Drive Ether +1
ETHDEF Drive Ether Def +1
HP Drive Max HP +20
EP Drive Max EP +5
Hob-Jerky Recover 50 HP
Hob-Meat 150 HP
Hob-Steak 500 HP
Fang Sell for a high price
Eyeball Sell sell for a high price
Scales Sell for a high price
Ivory Sell for a high price
Gold Nugget sell for a high price
Gold Bullion sell for a high price
Bizfruit Restores 10 EP
Durian Juice Super-smelly drink
Nisan Water Nisan church water
Aveh Water Aveh tap water
Toy Gun BB's and gas sold seperately
Minigear 1/6 scale model, 24 pieces
Anoret Seed Lose some weight
Anoret Fruit Gain lots of weight
Bulimy Seed Gain some weight
Bulimy Fruit Gain lots of weight

Story Items

Name Description
AriberryGoes good with milk
Army CardkeySolaris Base keycard
Bell Amulet Has ornately carved surface
Book 1'The Adventures of Big Joe'
Book 2Not very comical anymore
Book 3Helpful Hellfire teachings
Cabin Key Rusty key
Dark Rock A black-colored stone
Dawn Rock A white-colored stone
Dog FoodBreeder's choice
Dusk Rock A red-colored stone
ElfananaMonkey's favorite
H&S Badge Hide and Seek King
IvoryShould sell for a high price
Kislev Map Map of Nortune's sewers
M DiskA Music Disk for a Jukebox
Master Key Nortune Gear-dock key
Mermaid TearIt shines like a jewel...
Minigear1/6 scale model, 24 pieces
RadishGoes good with fish
RPS Badge Rock-Paper-Scissors King
ScalesShould sell for a high price
Sewer Keys Nortune sewer key
Shevat Map Map of Shevat's hangar
SpiderSpider for Chu-Chu to eat
Spider Web Tough thread
TicketsNo cameras allowed in arena
UFO Photo Shows a typical Adamski type
Work Permit Solaris 3rd class ID