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 Xenogears Kingdom
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A Charger 'Charge' Restores 50 Fuel
S Charger 'Charge' Restores 100 Fuel
X Charger 'Charge' Restores 200 Fuel
Z Charger 'Charge' Restores 500 Fuel
Frame HP10 Restores 10% of Frame HP
Frame HP30 Restores 30% of Frame HP
Frame HP50 Restores 50% of Frame HP
Frame HP70 Restores 70% of Frame HP
Frame HP90 Restores 90% of Frame HP
Lite Ar+1 Armor Defense+15, Response +5
Lite Ar+2 Armor Defense+40, Response +5
Lite Ar+3 Armor Defense+60, Response +5
Extra Ar Armor Defense+2
Extra Ar+1 Armor Defense+5
Extra Ar+2 Armor Defense+8
Extra Ar+3 Armor Defense+10
Extra Ar+4 Armor Defense+20
Extra Ar+5 Armor Defense+30
Extra Ar+6 Armor Defense+50
Extra Ar+7 Armor Defense+80
Extra Ar DX Armor Defense+100
Lite Alloy Armor Defense+30
Heavy Alloy Armor Defense+30
Cast Ar Armor Defense+2
Ether Ar Armor EthDef +50
Ether Ar+1 Armor EthDef +100
Ether Ar+2 Armor EthDef +150
Ether Ar+3 Armor EthDef +200
Wind Veil Ar Defense vs. Earth Ether
EarthVeil Ar Defense vs. Wind Ether
Fire Veil Ar Defense vs. Water Ether
WaterVeil Ar Defense vs. Fire Ether
Insulated Ar Electric Damage down 30%, Armor Defense+10
InsulateAr+1 Electric Damage down 30%, Armor Defense+50
Seal Ar Seal Damage down 50%
Silver Ar Gel Damage down 50%
Silver Ar+1 Gel Damage down 50%, Armor Defense+50
Beam Coat Beam Damage down 50%
Mirror Ar Beam Damage down 50%, Armor Defense+50
Beam Jammer Beam Damage down 80%
Mica Electric Damage down 30%
Ground Electric Damage down 50%
Seal Barrier Seal Damage down 100%
Gold Plate Gel Damage down 100%
Noise Filter Sonic Damage down 100%
Angel Ar Angel damage down 30%, Armor Defense+50
Angel Ar+1 Angel damage down 50%, Armor Defense+100
AntiAngelSys Angel damage down 100%
A Circuit Increases Agility in Barrens
B Circuit Increases Agility in Snow
C Circuit Increases Agility in Desert
C Circuit+1 Increases Agility in Desert
D Circuit Increases Agility in Water
E Circuit Increases Eth Mach & EthDef
A/C Increases Agility in Desert
O2 Cylinder Increases Agility in water
Old Circuit Increases Response & Defense
Resp Circuit Increases Response
Def Circuit Increases Defense
MagneticCoat Increases Response
Power Magic Increases Ether Mach Strength, EthAmp +8
Engine Guard Protects Gear's Engine
Tank Guard Stops Fuel Leaks and Drainage
Ar Repairer Prevents Loss of Armor Def
Motion Guard Prevents 'Slow' Status
Lens Cover Prevents Camera Damage
Pilot Shield Prevents Pilot Confusion
Magic Guard Protects Ether Machine
Veil Doubler Doubles Elemental Defense
Deathblower1 Enables Level 1 D.Blows
Deathblower2 Enables Level 2 D.Blows
Deathblower3 Enables Level 3 D.Blows
GNRS20 Engine Output up 20%
GNRS50 Engine Output up 50%
FX Cleaner 'Charge' removes Status FX