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xenogears gear weltall
Operator Fei Fong Wong
Unknown to Fei, this gear was constructed specifically for him...actually more for his alter persona. Though he is reluctant to use it after he first pilots it, Fei eventually becomes accustomed to being the pilot. His fate and that of his gear are in fact one in the same.

xenogears gear weltall 2
Operator Fei Fong Wong
Weltall-2 is constructed by Taura Melchior, one of the three Sages of Shevat. He places special equipment into Weltall-2 that makes it as powerful as most other Omnigears. One such addition is the System ID. This allows the power of ID, without allowing the peronality to take over Fei.

xenogears gear xenogear
Operator Fei Fong Wong
Xenogears is the most powerful gear of them all. But this does not make it an Omnigear. It is simplly Weltall-2, after coming in contact with the Wave Existence. So powerful is Xenogears, that when the other gears lose the Anima Relics, Xenogears power can bring them back to Omnigear status.

xenogears gear vierge
Operator Elhaym Van Houten
Vierge does not have quite the physical prowerse of Weltall, but it has a great Ether advantage. Also Vierge is one of three gears able to equip weapons. This aids in the lower power.

xenogears gear el-regis
Operator Elhaym Van Houten
This is Elly's Omnigear, because it originally belonged to Lady Sophia. Being her re-encarnate, Elly can pilot it. She uses it only one time. After seeing its destructive power, she chooses to return to Vierge. This gear can be obtained within the Battle Arena, but only for the Battle Arena.

xenogears gear heimdal
Operator Citan Uzuki
Heimdal is seemingly a powerful gear, in about the same par as Weltall. It surely is faster than the afore mentioned, but lacks the agility. It is definitely made more for speed than defense.

xenogears gear fenrir
Operator Citan Uzuki
Fenrir is everything Heimdal wanted to be...and so much more. Not only does it get signifigant boosts in Agility and such, it gets a massive boost in damage thanks to the swords it is now able to wield. Truly one of the better gears.

xenogears gear brigandier
Operator Bartholomew Fatima
Brigandier has great attack power, capable of doing some good damage. Its major drawback is speed. You almost miss the damage because of it. Power without speed and agility to back it, makes it difficult to use.

xenogears gear andvari
Operator Bartholomew Fatima
Andvari is the first of the Omni-gears to come into play, so for a short time it is the best of the best. Its attack and defense are far better than Brigandier's by a long shot.

xenogears gear stier
Operator Rico Banderas
This gear has high attack power, defense and stamina, but it is done in by low Hit percentage, agility, and speed. There is really nothing great about this gear, except to absorb some enemy attacks from other gears. If there was a way to raise its other stats...

xenogears gear stier 2
Operator Rico Banderas
Believe it or not, El-Stier is pretty much identical to Stier. There is little to no change at all. You still have the high power, defense and stamina mixed with the poor hit, agility, and speed.

xenogears gear renmazuo
Operator Billy Lee Black
Renmazuo comes complete with high hit percentage and defense. With the right ammo, the gear will get a boost in attack power as well. Renmazuo even has great special options. A good gear to have all around.

xenogears gear renmazuo 2
Operator Billy Lee Black
El-Renmazuo has a increase in defense and agility over the original, but everything else is just about the same. Still it is a great all around gear to have at any time.

xenogears gear seibzehn
Operator Maria Balthasar
Seibzehm has fantastic attack power, HP, and defense. But on the flip side it has low speed, agility, and hit percentage. Still, in most respects, this is one fantastic gear. It is also the only gear to come with all its deathblows learned.

xenogears gear crescens
Operator Emarelda Kasim
Hands down, this is the fastest gear in the entire game. Crescens will consistantly have the lowest HP, but give it the right engine and accessories, and you will have a lethal machine. Also Crescens Ether attacks are far better than even Vierge.