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chrono cross window frames

Window Frames

Window Frames are odd little things found throughout Chrono Cross. After you get a new one, you can then change the dialog frame in the options menu to that particular frame. They serve no purpose as far as getting through the game itself, but they are fun to collect and see. Below is a list of the 15 different frames, as well as how to acquire them. Good luck and happy hunting!

chrono cross frame arnian wood        Arnian Wood
      Begining window frame.

chrono cross frame guldovain stitch        Guldovian Stitch
       You can only get this if you did Korcha's path, and if you chased after Mel
       when Kid was healed. Take Kid to Another Guldove and talk to Mel in her
       room downstairs in the residential tower; Mel will give you this.

chrono cross frame infrared        Infrared Vision
       Climb the ladder in Home Fossil Valley and look behind the large dragon
       skull for this red-hot frame.

chrono cross frame iron plate        Iron Plate
       Begining window frame.

chrono cross frame monster mouth        Monster Mouth
       You can only get this while you're a cat in the S.S. Zelbess. Enter the kitchen
       using the cat door nearby, and talk to the cat inside to get it.

chrono cross frame my favorite material        My Favorite Martian
       After beating MegaStarky on Home Sky Dragon Isle, leave the island and
       come back. Go back to where you fought him and talk to the man there to
       get the frame.

chrono cross frame porres furnace        Porre's Furnace
       Once you re-enter Another Viper Manor with Lynx, go to the library on the
       top floor. Look behind the desk for a secret passage; enter it and talk to
       the Beach Bum to get the window frame.

chrono cross frame Quill & papyrus        Quill & Papyrus
       If you beat the Black Dragon the "real" way, return to Home Marbule once
       you get Serge back. Go to the cave at the top left and talk to Toma twice.

chrono cross frame shellfish        Shellfish
       You can find this in Home Arni; just examine the pile of junk near the
       bottom of the main screen.

chrono cross frame simple line        Simple Line
       Begining window frame.

chrono cross frame skull duggery        Skullduggery
       If you feed the red land octopus to the Quaffid in Another Shadow Forest,
       instead of fighting it you'll get this rather macabre window frame.

chrono cross frame snakes & orbs        Snakes & Orbs
       Go to Another Gaea's Navel and look around; there's a Prehysteric alone at
       the top of a tree. Beat it to get the Window Frame.

chrono cross frame tea for three        Tea For Three
       In Another Termina, go up to the top left of the main screen and snoop
       around the house. There's an invisible man hiding in the shadows here,
       who'll give this to you if you say "I understand".

chrono cross frame tropical paradise        Tropical Paradise
       You can only get this if you took Macha's path. She'll give it to you during
       the course of the game.

chrono cross frame valencian cloth        Valencian Cloth
       Go to Another Marbule with a party made completely of demihumans and
       talk to the man in blue near the entrance to the town to get the frame. Note
       that you can't get this once Serge is back in your party.