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Three friends are on a adventure to find the mythical Frozen Flame. It is said to have the power to grant wishes to the ones who find it. Serge, Kid, and Magil are going to face unprecedented challenges, as they make their way to Viper Manor where it is held. There they will have to fight the Demi-Human Lynx. Will they get what their hearts desire, or will their eyes be open to truths they did not yet know?

radical dreamers screenshotRadical Dreamers was released to the Satellaview add on of the Super Famicon System in Japan in 1996. It was never seen outside of Japan, since the Satellaview was not made available outside of Japan.
Game play consists of text-based scenarios presented to the player through the narration of the main character, Serge. Yeah, I am betting you just read that, and went that sounds boring as heck huh? Well, I can remember in school, games being exactly this way on the PC. But I digress lol.
As the story continues, the game presents a list of possible actions the player must choose from. Depending on the choices made, the player may enter a new area, be presented with a new situation or character, or have to choose again if choice was not right.
Inside battle, the character is given options, similar to a command menu. Options such as fight, magic, or run are available to execute the fighting. Sometimes more complex commands such as "Run my knife into the goblin's chest!" or "Quickly slash at its hand!" are made available. Most all decisions have to be made in a certain amount of time. If this timer runs out different effects happen. In battles, Serge can be injured or killed if not done in time. Serge's health is tracked by an invisible point count, and his health is restored by events such as finding a potion.
The game also tracks Kid's affection for Serge, This relationship type love/lust is heavily influenced by battles and scripted events. Her affection for Serge will determine the outcome of the final battle in the game, and whether or not Serge will actually live through it.
Radical Dreamers has very minimal graphics and animation...actually almost none. Most of the areas in the game are done with poor static backdrops. The game does feature some good music, and sound effects. But it is not of the quality found in true console games.
Like other Chrono games, Radical Dreamers contains a similar type of New Game + mode. Only the main scenario is available on the first play-through. Once you finish the game and obtaining one of three possible endings, players can explore six others. These later stories often feature comical situations or small types of allusions to Chrono Trigger.
There have been fan translations made of Radical Dreamers, the best being the release made by Demiforce and Radical R on Christmas Day of 2005. This was followed shortly after with a fan translation in France. But no official release has ever made it outside of Japan. Until I can get the proper information, I will have to leave the characters, bestiary, and such off of Radical Dreamers for now. I do hope I can gather this information, and get it on here.