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chrono trigger character Crono
Magic Element Lightning
Original Time 1000AD
A young lad from Truce attempting to enjoy the festivities at the Millennial Fair. Little does he expect to be drawn into a perilous quest through time to save the universe!

chrono trigger character Marle
AKA Princess Nadia
Magic Element Ice
Original Time 1000AD
A nice young lady with a ferociuos temper who bumps into Crono at the fair. But do they meet by coincidence, or was it destined by fate?

chrono trigger character Lucca
Magic Element Fire
Original Time 1000AD
A brilliant inventor who endeavors to break the barriers of time and space with her devices. Will her meddlesome gadgets spell doom for the world, or be the key to saving it?

chrono trigger character Frog
AKA Glenn
Magic Element Water
Original Time 600AD
The valiant amphibious protectorate of the Guardia Throne, Frog comes from the Middle Ages. He seeks to avenge his disgraced past, which accounts for his current form.

chrono trigger character Robo
AKA R-66Y and Prometheus
Magic Element Shadow
Original Time 2300AD
Robo is a huminoid security sentry from the year 2300AD. Due to Lucca's ingenious and mechanical know-how, Robo becomes functional again and joins the party to change the fate of humankind.

chrono trigger character Ayla
AKA Chief
Magic Element -
Original Time 65,000,000BC
The proud and strong chief of the prehistoric Ioka Tribe, Ayla seeks to protect ehr people from the threat of the malevolent Reptites. But she doesn't realize what the fiendish creatures have in store for the human race.

chrono trigger character Magus
AKA Janus and The Prophet
Magic Element Shadow
Original Time 12000BC
The twisted and arrogant wizard from the Middle Ages who seeks to summon forth the apocalyptic force known as Lavos. But are his intentions truly malevolent, or does his cause serve a higher purpose?