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New Game+

Well, after you resurrect Crono and defeat Lavos, you will gain the "Beyond Time ending". This is one of several different endings you can see in the game. Now you are wondering what to do huh? When the credits are over, you can return to the save menu, and create a New Game+. This allows you to begin a game with almost all of your weapons and armor, all of your stats and techs in place. The missing objects will be the story related ones, such as Masamune, Masamune II. This will also include anything you used in the final battles with Lavos, since you are creating from a save that was recorded before the fight.
Also in a New Game+, you will be able to beat Lavos at any time you wish too. This is how you accomplish the different endings as well. You simply need to beat Lavos at the right times to get them. Below is a full list of possible endings, as well as the extra features unlocked by doing so. The extra features are not found in the original SNES copy, but are present in the PS1 and DS re-releases.

Different Endings

Beyond Time New Game+, Endings menu
This is the ending you get after completing the game as it should be. Meaning you have brought Crono back to life. There will be a lot of variations, depending on what you did/didn't do. If you defeated Magus or allied with him, if Frog faced him and defeated him, and if Lara is still handicapped or not. Also for an odd reason, if you travel to 1999 in the Epoch, it will not be in the ending.

Magus Victorious -
In your first battle with Magus, if you lose, you will see this ending where he still summons Lavos. And of course you know what happens.

Worst ending -
If at any time you are defeated by Lavos, you will witness this ending. Despite your best efforts, history refused to change.

Reunion New Game+, Art Gallery, Present Monster data
In this ending, no one wants to bring Crono back, since Lavos has been defeated already.
Once you defeat Dalton, you need to travel to the End of Time, and enter the bucket to fight Lavos. Crono must also still be gone to hit this ending.

The Dream Project Middle Age Monster data, Triple Tech Showcase
You will be able to speak to a bunch of people in this area about the game itself.Use the dot on Lucca's Right pod at the fair, after Marle joins Crono. If not there, or beat Lavos in the Ocean Palace, before Crono dies.

The Successor of Garuda Future Monster data, Single Tech Showcase
This one must be accomplished when you first return to 1000 AD, after defeating Yakra, but before you go on trial in this time. Use the dot and beat Lavos. You will be returned to Leene Square, where everyone seems to have a new opinion of Marle.

Good Night Dark Ages & End of Time Treasure maps, Music Box Tracks 11-20
There is a bunch of funny antics with monster types throughout the credits in this ending. To hit it, use the bucket when you arrive at the End of Time the first time.

Legendary Hero Dark Ages Monster data, Music box tracks 21-30
This ending features a new Legendary Hero Tata, rather than Frog. Also it would appear Robo has managed to find himself a female robot. You must defeat Lavos after beating Zombor, and before receiving the Hero's Medal.

Unknown Past Music box tracks 31-40, Present treasure maps
This ending showcases the effects of not traveling to 2 different times you would normally in the game. After getting the Hero's Medal from Tata, return to the End of Time, and beat Lavos.

People of the Times Music box tracks 41-50, Middle Ages treasure maps
This ending features all the NPC run across in the game. You need to defeat Lavos right after reclaiming the Gate Key from Azala in 65,000,000 BC.

The Oath Music box tracks 51-60
This is an ending where Frog confronts and defeats Magus alone. Fulfilling his vow, he is transformed back to his normal self. To see this, battle Lavos right after handing Frog the completed Masamune.

Dino Age Prehistoric monster data, Future treasure maps
Reptites rule and humans drool!!! To see this rather funny ending, defeat Lavos immediately after Magus transports you back to 65,000,000 BC.

what the Prophet seeks... Dual Tech showcase, Prehistoric treasure maps
This ending gives you quite a bit of information concerning the mysterious Magus. To see this ending defeat Lavos after the fall of Tyrano Lair and before Schala opens the magical seal in the Ocean Palace.

A Slide Show??? Boss data, Music box tracks 61-69
This is an odd ending indeed. Marle and Lucca are sitting with Crono going over their quest. But you will notice that none of what they are talking about actually happens! Moreover, Crono has his only dialog in the game, thus adding to the falseness of it all! To see this, you need to go to where Schala uses her pendant to open the door to the Throne Room with her pendant. DO NOT USE YOUR PENDANT ON THE MAMMON MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!! Instead return to the End of Time and defeat Lavos. (You have to see Schala open the door though, or it will not work)