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Black chrono trigger black omenOmen

I should make this notation before continuing through the Black Omen. When you finish this side quest, you will be taken immediately into the final stage of battles with Lavos. Make dead sure you are ready to end the game, before you head in. If there is something you wish to complete first, go there now. Come back when you are done with the game.
black omen
The Black Omen floats above the world in 12000 BC to 2300 AD. You can enter it only before 1999 AD, cause after that Lavos has already emerged and there is no reason to try and destroy it. It seems also to be somehow out of the normal time thing. If you defeat a boss, and get an item from a chest in 1000 AD, you cannot go back to 600 AD and get it again or beat the same boss. Once it is done, it is done.
When you enter the Omen, you will be greated by the queen herself. She is not about to let you destroy her chance at immortality, and summons your first boss. Jeez, can't even get through the door!

Boss Fight: Mega Mutant
black omen
black omenThis guy is not too very difficult for a properly leveled group of 30+ characters. Use your strongest single and or dual Techs on the top part first. It can do the most damage, so you will want to be rid of it. Charm items from both halves while you are at it too. With my party of Magus, Robo, and Ayla, I used Triple Kick, Uzzie Punch, and Dark Matter. This dropped the big guy fairly quick.

After you have defeated the Mega Mutant, continue heading north. Defeat the Incognito enemies, Remember the blue shield enemies from Guardia Castle in 600 AD? These are the same. You have to wait for the PeepingDoom enemies to come out from behind the shields to attack them.
Before you encounter your first save point, you will come across a couple of Goons. These guys are tough as nails, so use the techs and attacks you would for any boss. Be sure though not to use Lightning or Shadow based spells. This will heal them and piss them off. Be sure to charm Nova Armors from them though.
When you get to the save, be sure to use a Shelter to restore your party. Shelters are a must here. There are few save points in the Black Omen, but there are plenty of nasty enemies to drain you quickly.
black omen
After you save, continue on, and you will run into the first of many Boss Orb, and Side Kicks. This fight is just like the fights with the Rubble enemies. Boss Orb will lock out all Techs and items. The difference is, if you manage to destroy a Side Kick before you defeat the Boss Orb, it will launch massive counterattacks. Defeat the Boss Orb first, then go after the other two. You only get so long to try and defeat them, before they run away. For the Boss Orbs you will get 750 G. For each Side Kick, you get 500 EXP, and 100 Tech Points. This is a great way to learn any techs your characters might be missing.
Afterwards, continue north, and enter the teleporter. This will warp you to another point in the Omen, where you will have to ride a elevator down. On the trip down, you will have a encounter of four Ruminators. Rid yourself of them quickly. Don't worry, unlike the last elevator ride you took, this is the only encounter.
black omen
Get off the elevator, and continue north. You will find a room with a chest on each side. There are six to be exact, containing a Elixir, Vigil Hat, two MegaElixirs, Nova Armor, and a Haste Helmet. You will find a save point in here, and two Nu's. Speaking to the Nu on the left will open a Consumable shop for you. I would advise you stock up on stuff big time. The Nu on the right will ask if you want to wake up. If you say yes, he will teleport you to the landing pad of the Omen, where you can return to the Epoch. If you are struggling a lot in here, I would suggest returning to the world map, and leveling up some. Or you could return, and make your way back here again.
Continue onwards, until you find a beam of light appear. This will transport a Tubster enemy into your path. These guys are weak to Fire, so use it to your advantage. Have Magus cast Fire 2, and Robo hit it with Area Bomb. Ayla should do the Triple Kick, and he will drop pretty fast. A neat thing to note, is you can charm a Power Tab from him. You can then exit and re-enter the room to fight, and get another one again. Do this as many times as you want to get Power Tabs a plenty. They are tough, so use powerful techs to defeat them after you have stolen your item. This is a great way to get a much needed boost of strength for your characters. An the save is just a little ways back if you need it.
Beyond this is a running line of Ruminators. When you get in the line, they will attack. Don't worry about using techs or anything. Just attack. Three attacks will drop you to one enemy, since they will kill each other just to regain HP. The chest behind the line contains a Zodiac Cape. Grab it, and head to the right where the line was going.
Pretty soon, you will begin to head back south. After you fight a Cybot and a Martello, hunt to the left for a slightly hidden chest with a Speed Tab. It is in the lower right corner. There is a second Speed Tab in the next room, followed by another teleporter. Teleport to the next room, and continue to the next save point. Use a Shelter, and get ready for the next mutant you have to fight.

Boss Fight: Giga Mutant
black omen
In this fight, regular attacks will only do minimal damage, if any at all. Magus's Dark Matter, and Robo's Area Bomb work well in the fight. Ayla should use Triple Kick, though it will not do quite the damage you are used to. The top half of the mutant will drain MP, so you should definitely go after it first. Also have Ayla charm a Hit Ring, and Wall Ring form the two parts. Watch out for the Mutant gas as well, it can put a unguarded party member to sleep. Use Elixirs and such to keep your HP up.
black omen

If you are drained from that fight, head back and use the save point. There is not another for a bit, and you want to survive enough to get there right? Head north, and you will come across another teleporter. This will take you to the second elevator. It might be a glitch in the game, but sometimes I fight a group of four Ruminators on the elevator, and there have been times I have not had to. If you do, use the same method mentioned when fighting the line of them. They will kill each other to stay alive. If you do not fight them, consider yourself lucky.
After the elevator ride, continue on fighting north, until you get to the door at the top. You need to fight the four Panels to get the save point released here. Pretty simple, Have Magus hit it with Dark Matter, Robo with Area Bomb, and Ayla with Triple Kick. Now save your game and heal up for the third and final mutant.

Boss Fight: Terra Mutant
black omenThe HP for this guy is different. The boss guide in FFKingdom does say the top has 7800, and the bottom half has 20,000 HP. You need to destroy the bottom half, but if you attack it with anything, it will drop that character to 1 HP. Weapons cannot damage the top half, so what are you to do?
Magic is the big thing here. Hit the top half with Magus's Dark Matter, Robo's Area Bomb, and Ayla's Triple Kick. Though the latter two will do significantly less damage, they will still rack the points up. After so much damage, the top half will suck HP from the bottom half. And that is where you will beat the ugly guy. Have Ayla charm both parts for a powerful Muscle Ring and Hit Ring too.
Every once in a while the top half will drain HP from a character. Try to keep the party healthy at all times, just in case one of the attacks does not knock anyone out of the fight.
After you kicked this guys arse so hard he kissed the moons, collect the two chests, one of which contains your White Rock.

black omenYou should definitely return to the previous save point as well. Use a Shelter, and get yourselves healed up. Try on some of the various things you have, and stick with anything that will up attack power or magic. Keep the Frenzy Band on Ayla, since she is the most powerful hitter in the group. Her counterattacks are great additions in the fights ahead. Nova Armors should be put on, as well as any other armor you have to prevent status. When you are ready, head into the next room. You will see the queen, and this time she has brought something a little rougher for you to play with.

Boss Fight: Lavos Spawn
black omen
If you have already been to Death's Peak, you have faced these before, only this one is more powerful, higher HP, and can kick some butt. If not lets go through how to get rid of him.
The first thing you do NOT want to do is attack the shell. Doing so will cause the spawn to hit you with a devastating counterattack. Use your strongest single techs like Triple Kick and Uzzie Punch on his head. If you are using Magus, just have him attack normally, and heal everyone when the need arises.
Be sure to have Ayla charm a Haste Helmet and Safe Helmet from the two respective parts. Just remember to heal when she charms from the shell. Charm is considered an attack, and warrants the retaliation. Keep at him, and he will eventually fall. black omen

Once you have destroyed the Spawn, Coninue north fighting two more random battles, until you get to the sealed door with the five Panels. After you have taken care of them, a save point appears on the left side.
black omen
black omenThis is the final save point of the Black Omen. Once you go on, you will be taken to the last battles of the quest, as well as the final battles of the game. If you are not ready for the final battles of the game, TURN BACK AND HEAD TO THE EPOCH NOW!!!!!! You cannot do so after this point. If you have done everything you think you want to in the game, use a Shelter, heal, and place Frog in your party, removing Robo. Frog is a very large help in one of the fights ahead. It is not a must though, as Robo can still do wonders, but Frog makes a battle so much quicker. Ayla and Magus should remain in the party as well. Ayla for a fight coming, and Magus gets a different set of dialogue if he is in the party. When you are ready, proceed through the door, and past all the clones of your characters. Here Zeal will face you herself

Boss Fight: Queen Zeal
Before the fight has even a chance to begin, Zeal will drop your party's HP to 1. You might want to immediately replenish your HP, but you'd be wasting your time, as she will use the attack again. Refrain from using your high end healing items. If you want to retain some HP, use Ayla's Kiss, or her and Frogs Slurp Kiss. Use your strongest Techs on her otherwise. She will slap a character for 1 HP damage, or use some type of physical attack that does somewhere close to 100. If you can retain above 100, you will be more than fine through the fight. Hit her with Magus's Dark matter, Ayla's Triple Kick, and Frog's Leap Slash. Be sure to charm the MegaElixir from her, and you will get another when she is defeated.
black omen
(Alternate Strategy) This comes from the Brady Games Final Fantasy Chronicles strategy guide. It is an alternate strategy that is freaking awesome, not to mention the reason you wanted Frog and Ayla in your little party. This strategy came from the editor according to the book, and all credit for this should go to Ken Schmidt. I was shocked to see how quick the battle went, and will most likely use this group from now on in this fight.
When the queen drops your HP to one, you should then unleash Frogs Frog Squash and Ayla's Dino Tail on her. Each attack will do roughly 1500-4000 damage each time, depending on levels. Have Magus hit her with his Dark matter, and this fight will be over in 2-3 rounds at the most. Not too bad huh? Thank you goes to the editor of the guide. It was awesome doing it that way!

After you defeat the queen, she will curse you for trying to stop her and Lavos. She will then summon up the Mammon Machine to eliminate you for interfering in her plans.

Boss Fight: Mammon Machine
black omen
The first thing you should do is use a MegaElixir on your party, since you had no time to heal between fights. Once that is done, get into the fight.
Ok, physical attacks raise its defense, while magic attacks raise its attack. You really can't have the defense going up, cause it will get near impossible to damage. You should just stick with spells. Be careful though, as it will counterattack with a massive discharge after several spells are cast. just be ready to heal immediately afterwards. Keep using Magus's Dark matter, and Frog's Water 2 on him, while Ayla charms a MegaElixir, and keeps everyone healthy.
After a while, you will see the message "Mammon M stands still." This is your hint to go all out on him with everything you got. Have Ayla begin to perform Triple Kick, and Frog begin using Leap Slash. It should not be too tough of a battle at this point.
black omen

Boss Fight: Zeal
black omen
Now this is a fight to end all fights. Do not use the different strategy for the last encounter, as it simply will not work here. This fight, you should focus strictly on Zeal's face, and leave the hands alone. Even if you Charm a hand, which you want to do to both, she will reduce the attacking characters HP to 1, and MP to 0. This can easily spell your doom. The only time the hands do not retaliate is when you counter-attack. But you will definitely want to charm them for the Prism Helmet and Dress the hands are carrying.
Along with her attack that reduces all characters HP to 1, she has a few more devastating attacks up her sleeve. She can use a Delta attack which damages by %. If you are in the low HP range, you can easily lose right now. It is best to stick with the Elixirs and MegaElixirs you have been hording, to keep everyone in top shape. If she performs her HP reduction attack, be sure to immediately hit a MegaElixir. Might even be safe to have a strict healer on each round.
The key to the fight is attacking the face alone. Use your strongest Techs that target one enemy only. Ayla's Triple Kick and Frogs Leap Slash do well enough. If Robo is still in the party, have him use his Rocket Punch. Magus should attack if your HP is high enough, or be the reserve medic if you get hit hard enough. Taking your time with this fight will bring you out ahead in the end.
black omen

Once the battle is over, you will see the queen one final time, as she summons forth Lavos. The Black Omen will fall, and Lavos will emerge. You will then be thrust into the final confrontation. If you are not wanting to end the game here, and I told you you would be in the beginning of this page, reload your save, and trek back out of the Omen. If you are ready, get to kicking some alien rear!
black omen