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ozzie's fortThe Great Ozzie's Fort

Remember your first time through Medina Village? If you stopped at the square, you saw a statue of the mighty wizard Magus, with all the Mystics praying to him. The prices at the shop and inn were beyond outrageous, and no one liked you.
ozzie's fort
Well, all that has not changed when you return for this quest...however the statue in the square has. Now, rather than the great wizard, you have a statue of the fat pompous Ozzie. Seems he took over the mystics when Magus vanished. They now pray to him, and still hate you :). So where do you find the green blob? Head back to 600 AD, and you will find his fort, where the town will eventually stand. Save your game, and place Ayla and Magus in your party.
When you enter, Ozzie will greet you, and get all over Magus for abandoning them. Rather than fight you though, he will run off. Follow gim into the next room.
ozzie's fort
Inside this room, you will find him again. But rather than fight you here, Ozzie will summon one of Magus's two followers Flea. And he will run off.

Boss Fight: Flea Plus
ozzie's fortThis fight is ridiculously easy to do. I would not even bother with techs or anything. Flea has 2500 HP, and is now without the immunity to magic she/he once had. So just keep attacking him/her, and she/he will run off. Do not bother trying to charm anything from him/her, as there is nothing to take...for now.

ozzie's fort
Once Flea has fled, head into the next room. Here you will find Ozzie above with one of his cranks. He will raise two brutal looking enemies from below. But just before you even have a chance to fight, they will go along the short belt, and fall right off into the hole. Ozzie will of course freak and run yet again!
In the next room Ozzie is waiting for you, but this time he summons up his other friend Slash!

Boss Fight: Super Slash
ozzie's fortThis is also a ridiculously easy fight to get through. I would not bother with techs or anything, unless you want it over like now. With a lousy 2500 HP Slash will be done within a couple of rounds.

Once this fight is done, continue your pursuit of the green one. In the next room, you will see Ozzie at another crank causing a blade to rise and fall over a chest. If you go and try to get the chest you are just dumb ok. Head for the green glob thing instead. A Imp will screw up his trap, and the greenie meanie will retreat again. Gather your chest of a Full Ether, and head to the exit.Stop when you hit the doorway. Go directly south from the door, to find a hidden chamber. In here, you will get the Gloom Cape, Gloom Helmet, and Doom Sickle, which is Magus's best equipment. You can also find a Magic Tab. See aren't you glad you look for secret areas everywhere?
After equipping Magus with his new stuff, head back after Ozzie. In the next room he is waiting again, but this time he will fight you with his two friends!

Boss Fight: Ozzie, Super Slash, and Flea Plus
ozzie's fort
Well, this fight is definitely different from the last couple with the two. Those were cakes in comparison. This time they can combine their powers into a Delta Attack that can put the hurt on a lower level party.
Start the fight targeting Slash first. He can roam the room, and hit multiple people at once. Be sure to charm from each of them, since they do have nice things to take. (Mentioned at the beginning of the fight no less)
Hit him with your strongest techs and keep everyone healthy. Once you rid yourself of the self proclaimed sword master, their Delta Attack becomes Obsolete and unusable.
Now focus your arsenal at Flea. Hit him/her with your strongest techs and she/he will fall in no time. Now on to Ozzie...or so you thought. He will take a couple of hits, then he will run off as usual!
ozzie's fort

ozzie's fortozzie's fortAfter the fight with the trio, Ozzie will run off yet again! Bet you are getting really tired of him doing this huh?
Follow him to the next area. Again, he will begin a fight, and in case himself in Ice. If you do have Magus, there will be some more dialogue between him and Ozzie. You can then attack him, as well as steal yet another pair of Ozzie Pants from him, but this will get you no where fast.
Remember back to when you fought him in Magus's castle? It is the same principle here. You are not going after Ozzie, you are going after one of the cranks there behind him. Pick anyone you want to. It will make no difference which it is, because any one of them will remove the floor under you, and drop you down to the room below. Bet this is getting old huh? Make your way back up the stairs, and confront him again.
Once again, Ozzie will close up in ice, and you will be fighting the cranks again...but something just a little different happens.
You will see a adorable little kitten come up the left side of the room. The cat will then trigger the crank that removes the floor from under Ozzie! And thus he plummets to his doom. God I love this little cat! Too bad you cannot take him home!
When you are done watching him get beat by the feline, make your way out of his fort. You might think you really got nothing out of that whole ordeal, but head to town before getting all hurt over it.
In the square, there is no longer a statue of anyone that the Mystics are worshiping. They have also seemingly changed their attitude towards humans. Also, if you enter the shop now, the prices have been massively reduced! Pretty awesome huh? This is now the cheapest place in the game to buy up your consumables. I mean it is only 75 G for a Mid Tonic! ozzie's fort