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chono cross mainland map
1: Arni Village
2: Lizard Rock
3: Opassa Beach
4: Cape Howl
5: Fossil Valley
6: Termania
7: Viper Manor
8: Shadow Forest
9: Hydra Marsh
10: Divine Dragon Falls
11: Mt. Pyre
12: Fort Dragonia
13: Forbidden Island

El Nido

chono cross el nido map
1: Guldove
2: Sky Dragon Isle
3: Gaea's Navel
4: Water Dragon Isle
5: El Nido Triangle
6: Bend of Time
7: Marbule
8: Hermits Hideaway
9: Isle of the Damned
10: S.S. Zebless
11: Earth Dragon Isle
12: Pearly Gates
13: Sea of Eden
There are differences between Home and Another world. They are as follows:
-Serge is alive in Home World. In Another World, he drowned.
-The Records of FATE do not work. In Another world they do.
-Termina is occupied by Porre. In Another World, Termania is free.
-The Acacia Dragoons are frozen by Lynx. In Another World, they are alive.
-Fargo can't cope with his past. In Another World, he has no past to cope with.
-Hydra Marshes are alive in Home World. In Another World, it is dead.
-Guldove is led by Steena. In Another World it is led by Direa.
-The pedestal for the creation of the Chrono Cross is in Another World only.
-Sky, Red, and Black Dragon Gods are absent in the Home World.
-Blue, Green, and Earh Dragon Gods are absent in Another World.
-Hermit's Hideaway is intact in Home World. It is destoyed in Another World.
-In Home World, Sea of Eden & Pearly Gates are Dead Sea, & Death's Door.

Sea of Eden/Chronopolis

chono cross chronopolis map
1: Past Island (Atropos)
2; Present Island (Clotho)
3: Future Island (Lachesis)
4: Chronopolis